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Women’s Health

Women’s health is a hot topic, and rightfully so.  A woman’s body goes through many changes throughout her life.  Some of these changes happen gracefully while others, frankly, do not.  …


About Us

Mission Statement To provide the highest quality holistic care possible to assist our clients in establishing and maintaining their greatest health and well being. Holistic Care: The Geppert Method We …


Patient Testimonials

There is no greater feeling than to have helped someone on their journey.  Each and every client we treat brings us new challenges and the chance to expand our knowledge, …


Cold Clearing Decoction

I find the simple things in life make some of the biggest differences.  Nothing says simple like making your own cold remedy. By themselves these ingredients seem unimpressive.  You’re probably …


What is Qigong?

Qigong literally translates to “energy work” and is used to describe a slightly more esoteric side to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Unlike other TCM therapies, Qigong directly accesses and effects the …


New Patients

What to expect on your first visit Frequently Asked Questions What can I expect on my first visit?  First we will discuss your case to determine the best course of …


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600 25th Ave South Suite 107 St Cloud, MN 56301 (320) 309-0892 HOURS: Monday 9am – 7pm Tuesday 9am – 6pm Wednesday: 9am – 7pm Thursday: 9am – 6pm Friday: 9am – 6pm …



Moxibustion is a traditional technique that involves the burning of Chinese mugwort (Ai Ye), a small, spongy herb, to facilitate healing. Moxibustion has been used throughout Asia for thousands of …