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There is no greater feeling than to have helped someone on their journey.  Each and every client we treat brings us new challenges and the chance to expand our knowledge, as well as to grow our “holistic family”.  Word of mouth is the best form of advertising in the world.  We are grateful for the kind words and support, and proud to have been able to help these wonderful people.

Thank you for believing in us, and our medicine. 


Michael and Joanna

When my wife Tiffany suffered a stroke in 2013, the hospital said it was the worst they had seen a person survive. There was little hope for any type of meaningful recovery. After extensive research I chose Geppert Holistic Healing to get involved with her rehabilitation. An intense regimen of acupuncture, cupping, Qigong, herbal treatments and more began. Both Mike and Jo Geppert worked relentlessly on Tiffany for nearly a year. She regained her vision, ability to walk, and many cognitive abilities. She went back to work running her business, driving a vehicle, and most importantly regained her independence. None of this would have happened without Geppert Holistic Healing. I also had Mike perform acupuncture on my left knee that I had torn up over 25 years ago and it has caused me constant pain. After a couple sessions, I no longer have the chronic pain and have regained nearly full use of my knee. Mike and Jo have been a blessing to both Tiffany and I. We have been recommending and endorsing them ever since. I will never be able to thank them for what they did for us.
Bobby and Tiffany Johnson, Sartell, MN

I swear by Geppert Holistic! I have used both massage and acupuncture services. I find the healing benefits to be exceptional.  I’ve used massage for relaxation for years, it wasn’t until I started going to Geppert Holistic, that I now use massage for health and healing. Not only has the massage and acupuncture helped when my body is sore and tired, but when I’ve been sick, Geppert Holistic has helped me get better faster. They are professional, kind and master level practitioners.
Willow Flaherty, St. Cloud, MN

I was referred to Joanna Geppert by a close friend a few years ago. I had been looking for a massage therapist and hadn’t had luck finding quality massage work in the St. Cloud area. I studied massage myself and have experienced quality work; so I am admittedly picky. Joanna is very intuitive and listens to what my needs are. She has a great understanding of the body and how everything works together. She focuses on trouble areas and has the physical capability to do deep work. Joanna also introduced me to acupuncture. I am not a fan of needles; but I was at the end of my rope with some pain in my wrists and ankles. I was amazed how fast I had pain relief with acupuncture. I also went to Joanna for massage and acupuncture during my pregnancy. Her work helped relieve some of the pain that comes with being pregnant and I also believe it helped in my body returning to normal post-pregnancy. I highly recommend Geppert Holistic Healing to anyone I meet who is in any sort of pain. Joanna and Mike customize their work based on the client’s needs. They are passionate about what they do and as a result the client always comes first.
Rachel Buchin, St. Cloud, MN

Several times I have had pain that was not helped by medical means, and decided to look outside the box. Acupuncture was recommended to me and I decided to try it. Best referral ever! I contacted Geppert Holistic Healing and my body responded so well. I was pain free after months of trying to figure out what was wrong. I could sit, lay on my back, and move without awful pain in the middle of my back. And it is more than just that; I found relief in many ways. Not only did I gain by feeling well again; I gained because I found two people who are caring, concerned, and inspirational in our working together. Thank you Geppert Holistic Healing! You Rock!
Tama Theis, State Representative, St. Cloud, MN

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