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To provide the highest quality holistic care possible to assist our clients in establishing and maintaining their greatest health and well being.

Holistic Care: The Geppert Method

We endeavor to treat each person with compassion and respect.  Our clients are not relegated to a symptom or complaint; but are appreciated as complex and dynamic individuals with specific hopes and needs.  Whether it is a minor concern that can be treated quickly or a severe chronic illness needing long-term management; we will utilize every ounce of knowledge and expertise at our disposal to help our clients reach their goals.

Michael Geppert - Geppert Holistic Healing St Cloud MN

Michael Geppert

Michael Geppert began his path towards becoming a healer, strangely enough, through training in the martial arts.  Studying martial systems like Okinawan Ryukyu Kempo and Tai Qi, Michael learned that areas of the body could be manipulated to weaken potential adversaries – particularly along the acupuncture meridians.  He became interested in the healing aspects of these same points, and studied informally for several years under Richard Chandler of the Acupolarity Wellness Center.  Learning about acupressure and massage gave Michael tools he used to help family and friends with minor complaints like headaches and back pain.  But he knew if he wanted to help people professionally, he would need formal schooling. 

Michael attended the University of MN Duluth campus and earned a degree in Psychology.  He later enrolled in the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN in 2001 and met his future wife, Joanna the first day of orientation.  In 2004 they were married, graduated with Masters Degrees in Oriental Medicine, and moved to St. Cloud to open Geppert Holistic Healing and start a family.

Though spending the bulk of his time as a stay-at-home Dad; Michael enjoys teaching Qigong and martial arts classes, attending health fairs, as well as treating clients.  He has also traveled to China twice and studied at the Tianjin University for TCM, the largest Oriental Medicine school in the world. Michael specializes in headaches, musculoskeletal pain, stroke rehabilitation, and psychological complaints.  He is also a certified Level 1 instructor in the Spring Forest Qigong system.

Micheal Geppert’s Credentials and Training

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of MN.
  • Masters Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Northwestern Health Sciences University.
  • Over 25 years of experience in massage and bodywork.
  • Treating patients with acupuncture and herbs since 2001. 
  • 6 weeks of training at the Tianjin University of TCM teaching hospital with focus on stroke rehab.
  • Level 1 Instructor in the Spring Forest Qigong system.
  • 30+ years martial arts training.
Michael Geppert - Geppert Holistic Healing St Cloud MN. Massage, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine
Joanna Geppert - Geppert Holistic Healing St Cloud MN. Massage, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine

Joanna Geppert

Joanna Geppert began her postsecondary education at UW-River Falls in 1998 to study music.  Although music has, and always will be, one of her passions, studying it as a career path didn’t feel right.  She then enrolled in the massage therapy program at Minneapolis School of Massage and Bodywork in February 2000 and has never looked back.  She worked as a massage therapist in various clinical and spa settings.

During massage school she became very interested in learning about herbs which led her to enroll in the Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program at Northwestern Health Sciences University in fall of 2001.  Chinese medicine became a new passion.  It has allowed her to understand the human body through various dimensions – biomedical and metaphysical – which has enabled her help people in many ways.  After graduating with her Master’s degree in 2004, she and her husband, Michael Geppert, opened Geppert Holistic Healing in September 2004.  Since then she has dedicated herself to further understanding Chinese medicine and metaphysics from multiple disciplines.

Joanna works full-time at Geppert Holistic Healing and teaches yoga at the St. Cloud Area YMCA.  While juggling a small business and family life, she still finds time to make music.  Whether it’s taking piano lessons, participating or facilitating a drum circle, singing in a choir, or volunteering in community theater; music is integral.  Joanna specializes in musculoskeletal pain, autoimmune disorders, skin conditions, woman’s health, hormone imbalances, digestive disorders, and psychological complaints.

Joanna Geppert’s Credentials and Training

  • Minneapolis School of Massage and Bodywork Graduate December 2000 in Therapeutic massage and bodywork
  • Masters Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Northwestern Health Sciences University 2004
  • Practicing massage therapy since 2000
  • Practicing acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine since 2002
  • Yoga Instructor since 2015
  • Practicing yoga since 2000
Acupuncture Treatment by Joanna Geppert - Geppert Holistic Healing

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