What is Qigong?Qigong

Qigong literally translates to “energy work” and is used to describe a slightly more esoteric side to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Unlike other TCM therapies, Qigong directly accesses and effects the body’s lifeforce, or Qi, through visualization, breathing, and focused movement.

How to perform Qigong?

Qigong includes passive practices such as seated or standing meditation, vocalization, and even martial arts like Tai Qi.  These are all used by the practitioner to help cultivate and balance one’s own Qi.  But it can also be used to help heal others through guided meditation, visualization, and directly affecting the patient’s Qi. 

Qigong can be a powerful tool healing for those with an open mind.


Benefits of Qigong



Improved health

Clear & peaceful mind

Better sleep

Increased energy

Improves circulation

Clearer skin

Efficient Metabolism

Balances the body

Generates intuition & creativity



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